Yogurt Parfait

YOGURT PARFAIT WITH GRANOLA AND BERRIES Serves 4 An ideal breakfast, snack or dessert, this show-stopping parfait by Chris Smith, The Diabetic Chef®, combines homemade granola with Greek yogurt, cinnamon and fresh berries. Ingredients Granola 1 cup uncooked old fashioned oats 2 tablespoons sliced almonds 2 tablespoons chopped [...]

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Japanese Tamagoyaki

JAPANESE TAMAGOYAKI Serves 2 (8-10 pieces) Ingredients 4 eggs 2 sticks Equal Gold Sweetener ½ tsp salt 8 pieces cooked crab stick Vegetable oil (for coating) Black sesame (for garnish) Kaiware (for garnish) Preparation Whisk together eggs, salt and Equal Gold Sweetener. Heat the pan [...]

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Banana Berry Smoothie

BANANA BERRY SMOOTHIE Serves 5 Vanilla flavored light Greek yogurt helps to boost the protein in this fruit-flavored easy to make drink. Pair it with a fiber-filled muffin for a great breakfast "to go". Ingredients 2 cups lite vanilla flavoured non-fat Greek yogurt 1 medium size ripe [...]

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